Brembo Caliper Refurbishment Specialist


Brembo Brake Caliper Overhaul costs :

1 day overhaul services (no repainting).

A pair of 8pot Brembo calipers – £160 +vat
A pair of 6pot Brembo calipers – £130 +vat
A pair of 4pot Brembo calipers with plates – £145 +vat
A pair of 4pot Brembo calipers without any plates – £100 +vat


All above prices does not include replacement parts such as fluid seals, dust seals, caliper pistons, caliper plates as well as return postage cost.

All parts will be supply with 10% discount of our selling prices.

We will always contact you for approval to fit any new replacement parts, no surprises!

For example a full set of Genuine Brembo dust and fluid seals for a set (2x calipers) of 4pot calipers is £125 +vat

New Genuine Brembo Bleed Screws and Dust Caps will be fitted to any serviced calipers free of charge.

Other Prices:

Broken bleed screw removal – £40 + vat each

Broken bleed screw removal if there is any 3rd party material left inside (snapped tool) – £75 + vat each

Trying to sort out previous damage on threads done by others - min. charge is £75 +vat

Thread repairs M10 x 1.0– time-sert system – £55 + vat each. This is commonly used on bleed screws threads

Mounting caliper screw removal – £60 + vat each

Mounting caliper thread repairs– time-sert system – £70 + vat each.